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Lift You Up

Originally posted on Spirit Led:


I carry the weight of a hurting world on my shoulders this night
All the sadness, all the pain that man can muster
And these wings feel too tattered to lift me up,
Lift me up

Deep within, I know this is not mine to carry
Yet this weight bears down,
This torch I willingly chose, this who I am, at once a burden and gift,
Tonight this light shines dimly only on the feet just below me,
On my own broken path

No matter how much I will through words
Your suffering be transcended
Angels, gods, bended knees, and clasped hands
Can’t stop your deepest hurt
It finds you in the darkest places
Where you try so hard to keep out the light

Even the caress of these weary wings
Won’t make you whole
The mosaic of your tears, burning up the night
But if only, for an instant…

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Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Angel with the broken heart

People are like that, you know
They break your heart
With deliberateness and precision
Then serve it back to you
Disguised as love

And in that brokenness
Is where the secret becomes exposed
That brokenness
Is where the light grows

It’s where the light seeps into the darkness
Fits the pieces back together
With glue that can’t be shattered

Until we’re broken
We can’t be secured like this
Our hearts are fair game

And once we allow the light to penetrate
We can never be broken again

©SpiritLed 2015

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The Time Will Come

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Folly Beach Ocean Sunset

It rained more on my beach vacation this summer than normal.  I’m always drawn to dramatic weather, and the ocean as well, so I suppose the combination of the two worked together to create an unusual synergy in me during this particular thunderstorm.  I stood in the beach house kitchen, the rain pouring on the other side of the windows, literally feeling pulled outdoors.  By the time I reached the front porch, the rain had mostly stopped, but I lingered for a bit, enjoying the fresh smell of rain and ocean air in the dark.  I often don’t understand how everyone isn’t pulled in this way….

The Time Will Come

The rhythm of the summer rain
Draws me out to participate
While others take refuge inside
And I wonder “How can everyone not feel the pull?”

As the drums beat their pulse, I feel it in my bones
My essence is…

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