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Lifetime passing

Almost a lifetime
Just passed me by
Living in loneliness
Sigh after sigh

Not knowing real happiness
Alone in my mind
Roads left untraveled
Me in a bind

Meetings were merely random
Moving closer all the time
Then one day astoundingly
I also heard a chime

Wrinkles disappearing
Smile is growing fast
Feelings finding mutual
Hoping love will last…

Was it in front of me all the time…

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Waiting for existence
I fell back several times
Side way vision only
Never hearing chimes

Waking from this ugliness
Like putting glasses on
Seeing all I’ve missed before
A picture freshly drawn

Seen this face a thousand times
Never knowing what was real
Is this the way my life can be
Or memory’s will they steal

Sometimes our best is in front of us
Other-times we bend in shame
I’m looking so much closer now
For me there’s no one to blame

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Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach…..walking in darkness

Originally posted on timzauto.... in search of the blond haired kid:


I think many are searching … the truth has escaped our way of life…

if I see it
will it be real
is it a picture
I need to conceal

floating in darkness
moving to sound
thoughts being concocted
something I’ve found

success is fictitious
our egos pretended
most of the time
our past is invented

truth being simulated
gets deeper with time
longer we live
the harder we climb

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