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It isn’t very easy to forgive.

It isn’t very easy to forget.

Both both of these are necessary to live.


You have to find the truth of inner peace

and though it isn’t easy to forget,

you must if you’ve to gain that true release.


To live and love in comfort with yourself,

you have to have the courage to forget

or your pride festers into living hell.


There really isn’t any other way.

Just let the past go, take deep breaths, forget

and open-hearted face each brand new day

with genuine forgiveness, come what may.


Author: Pat

Writing because I have to, blogging because I like it. Making felt is the day job, but that doesn't stop me writing inside my head! No full length novel published - YET, but several stories for magazines. Wannabe a published author, stylishly minimalist and thin.

7 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I agree with your logic. Can’t hold on to hate and regret. Forgiveness is necessary for us to know peace. Thank you for the outstanding poem.

  2. Beautiful and honest. I needed this reminder. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful words; well said!

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