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… to Maggie Mendus and Anne Sikes,
now Co-Editors for 20 Lines!

Maggie and Anne, as two voices of constant support, dedication to craft, and encouragement here within our community, I appreciate your willingness to step into this new role as a consistent voice of assistance, welcome and encouragement.

This community is such a rich place of personality, craft, and talent.  I absolutely love looking in and finding the many interesting and diverse pieces that become a beautiful montage.

I am working behind the scenes to both write and pull together a few more elements and resources for us.  I have plans.  Oh, yes, I have plans.  

New contributors have joined and are joining us soon.  Watch for them if you haven’t spotted them already!

And NEW!  The 20 Lines Calendar 
Coming soon will be writing and photography contest deadlines along with links to the supporting websites for more information.  My goal is that we can channel what we are doing into many opportunities for those who seek them.  Take a look and forward contests to me as you find them!

Much more fun ahead.  Many challenges and opportunities to flex your creative muscle.  And as always, if you have ideas or thoughts and would like to share them with me, my door is always open.  Mi casa es su casa.

Cheers!  And Happy Everything.


Author: Melissa Hassard

"I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." -- Pablo Picasso

6 thoughts on “Huge THANK YOUs …

  1. Congrats Maggie and Anne! Melissa thank you for creating such a wonderful place, Maggie thank you for challenging me and getting my creative juices flowing I love it ( you remind me of my high school English teacher that I love and miss ), Anne thank you for your gentle support. Everyone seems to have something unique to offer that is important for this community and appreciated.

  2. Congrats Maggie and Anne!
    Again Melissa thanks for accepting a newbie into your world.
    Looking forward to what you have up you sleeve


  3. Congratulations, Maggie and Anne , I always enjoy reading you ! Thank you Melissa for your encouragements, I will try to join you very soon. Speak soon,

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. I am grateful to Melissa for asking me whether I would be interested in co-editing. I hope I can do a good job. And this is a joy of a responsibility because we all work with such a wonderful creative community. I will always be happy for the day I discovered 20 Lines.

  5. Congratulations Maggie and Anne! And thank you Melissa for allowing us to excel in a new world of writing. #KUDOS #Blessing


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