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Day of the Dead



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I cry to the universe –

You decide!

Should I live,

or should I die?


It gives me an answer,

I can’t ignore;

so I pick up my pen,

and write some more.


With this decision,

comes peace and oneness,

acceptance of life,

which hurts none the less.


The die is cast,

but with that said,

I patiently wait,

for the day of the dead.


© Day of the Dead 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Author: Worldly Winds

I am a practising Buddhist, meditator, mother, wife, freelance Interpreter and poet! I love meditating, reading, writing, irritating my kids and eating chocolate - though not necessarily in that order!

3 thoughts on “Day of the Dead

  1. Peaceful acceptance beautifully worded


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