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**Special announcement for new contributors**


**If you are expecting to hear from me and have not, please write to me directly.  I do not leave anyone out on purpose and sometimes need an extra tug on my sleeve.  Thank you!**

If you have expressed an interest in joining 20 Lines (specifically if you have left word on the page “Join Us“) you will receive an automatically generated e-mail from WordPress that invites you to accept an invitation as an author.

Click “Accept Invitation” and you are ready to go!

I’ve had lots of requests recently that are still pending that last acknowledgment from you.  Accept!  Accept!

If you have not yet received your invitation and have expressed interest, one will be coming!  Watch for it!

If, for some reason, none of this is working, please e-mail me directly at melissa.hassard@yahoo.com and within your message please include: the name of your WordPress blog, your e-mail address connected to WordPress, and a brief bio that I can include on the Our Contributors page.

A huge thank you and welcome!  We’re glad you’ve joined us!

Thanks, everyone!



Author: Melissa Hassard

"I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." -- Pablo Picasso

4 thoughts on “**Special announcement for new contributors**

  1. I remember when it was just a tiny little list BRAVO Melissa

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